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Message from the Administrator

Austin L. Nibbs, CPA, CGMA

As we usher in a New Year and pause momentarily to reflect on the past, it is noteworthy to mention that 

2013 was a banner year for the GERS.  Faced with many challenges, we kept our focus and were able to make significant strides within our operations, while addressing the needs and concerns of our members.

Our emphasis over the next twelve months will be to continue serving our members and ensuring that annuities are paid, pushing for pension reform and addressing the unfunded liability.  This will take the collective efforts of all stakeholders – to include our staff, trustees, investment managers, consultants, Legislators and the Plan sponsor.  It will not be easy, but I feel confident that 2014 will be a year of progress and achievement for our Retirement System. 

To our members, I appreciate your feedback and well wishes. Even though you did not always agree with everything we did, most acknowledged that some changes had to be made in order for us to progress along the path of sustainability.  One thing for sure is that change is inevitable as it is constant.  We will continue to take the necessary steps to grow our asset base as well as keep pace with the continuous technology improvements.  These measures will certainly help in steering our course.

Continue to stay informed and to advocate for the fiscal health of our System.  We will do our part to ensure that this System remains viable in these beautiful Virgin Islands.

On a final note, I wish you God’s blessings and a New Year filled with peace, happiness and good health.

Thank you for visiting our site!

Austin L. Nibbs, CPA, CGMA