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Message from the Administrator

Austin L. Nibbs, CPA, CGMA

As we usher in a New Year and pause momentarily to reflect on the past, it is noteworthy to mention that the System was faced with many challenges in 2015. However, we kept our focus and were able to make significant strides within the operations, while addressing the needs and concerns of our members.

We will continue to serve our members and ensure that annuities are paid timely. Further, we will continue to address pension reforms, the unfunded liability, and liquidity concerns. This will require the collective efforts of all stakeholders, to include the Legislature and the Plan Sponsor.

Our goal is to sustain the System until the Plan Sponsor infuses the cash that is necessary to keep the fund solvent beyond 2025. In the meantime, we will continue to advocate on behalf of our member on the fiscal health of the retirement system.

Thank you for your continued well wishes and feedback; it is truly appreciated. May your New Year be filled with good health, prosperity, peace, and success to keep you glowing; but above all, may God's grace and blessings be with you always!

Thank you for visiting our site.

Austin L. Nibbs, CPA, CGMA 

 2016 Happy New Year