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Direct Deposit

It is GERS' policy that all retirees enroll in our Direct Deposit Program.  It is safe, secure, seamless and convenient.  Electing to have your annuity payments deposited into your checking, savings, or credit union account will ensure payments are credited to your account as of the payroll date.

Direct Deposit helps you to avoid the hassle of:

  • Stolen, destroyed, or misplaced checks
  • Waiting in lines to cash checks
  • Outdated checks

Please note that once you become a retiree direct deposit is not automatic.  A new Direct Deposit Enrollment Form must be completed.  Existing retirees may come into our office to complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form or submit a completed form from your financial institution.  Once your form is submited, it takes one (1) pay cycle before monies are electronically credited to your account.

Reminder: When changing or closing an account with a financial institution, retirees should change or stop the direct deposit with GERS before closing the existing account.  

Enroll Today!!

Direct Deposit Enrollment Checklist & Form