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Active Members

As a condition of employment, all persons employed with the Virgin Islands Government automatically become members of the Employees' Retirement System and are required to make bi-weekly payments to GERS.  Contributions should begin upon the completion of one month of service.  See Title 3 Chapter 27 Section 703 VIC.

Percentages of Contribution Payment


Tier I 

Tier II 




Regular Employee



Safety/Hazardous Employee










Government pays a matching amount 17.5% with the following exceptions:

  • Any employee whose services are compensated on a contractual or fee basis. However, if that employee has five years of prior credited service he or she has the option of electing to be a member. 
  • Any casual or per diem employee.  
  • Any part-time employee who does not regularly work at least 20 hours of the normal work week.  
  • Any provisional employee.

It is important that all new employees complete a Membership Record, designating one or more beneficiaries. This document must be notarized and forwarded to GERS by your Depatrment's Personnel Officer.

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the Membership Record:

  • For the Employee 
    • Birth Certificate or  a valid U.S. Passport
    • Copy of Photo Identification
    • Social Security Card
  • For the Beneficiary(s) 
    • Complete Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number 
    • Mailing Address

NOTE: As your status changes, ie: marriage, divorce, new birth, death, etc., a Request for Change of Beneficiary Form should be completed, notarized and submitted to the GERS.

When completing the Membership Record, Designation of Beneficiary or the Request for Change of Beneficiary Form kindly print or type all information. Scratch outs or white outs are not acceptable on these forms.

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