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Death of a Retiree

Death After Retirement

Upon death the of a retired member, unless an optional benefit was elected, a lump-sum is paid to the beneficiary.   The lump-sum consists of the difference between the retiree's vested interest and the amount received over his or her lifetime.

Note: Vested Interest is the member's last annual salary plus the total amount of contributions paid to GERS.

Beneficiary of a Deceased Member

The Designation of Beneficiary Form indicates the member's designated beneficiary.  The beneficiary receives the benefit in a single lump-sum payment from GERS. 

A death benefit application must be completed by the designated beneficiary and submitted with the following documentation:

  • Photo Identification 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Social Security Card

If there is no record of designation of beneficiary for a deceased member, the death benefit is paid in accordance with Title 3 Chapter 27, Section 712 (a) (1) (2) (3) (4) VIC:

  • Spouse (if any)
  • If you have no surviving spouse, your child or children and descendants of children by representation in equal amounts
  • Parents 
  • Estate

A family representative (spouse, child, parent, etc.) should visit the office to complete the necessary paperwork.