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Benefits at a Glance


Regular Employees

If you are a regular employee, you may retire from the government with a full service retirement annuity when you have completed thirty (30) years of credited service. A full service retirement annuity is 75% of your average salary. For any member working forty (40) years with the government he or she will be entitled to receive 100% of the average salary. A regular employee shall not receive credit for any years in excess of 40 in the employment of the government.

Also, a regular employee may apply for a service retirement annuity if they have attained the age of 60 and have completed at least ten (10) or more years of credited service.

Safety (Hazardous) Employees and Employees Retiring Under Act 5226

If you are a Safety (Hazardous) employee, you may retire from the government with a full service retirement annuity when you have:

  • Earned at least 20 years of government service regardless of your age
  • Reached the mandatory retirement age of 55 with at least 10 years of credited service

Note: A Safety (Hazardous) employee shall receive no more than 90% of salary.


If you are a Senator, you may receive a retirement annuity from the government when you have:

  • Attained age 50, and served at least six (6) years of credited service as a Senator 


Members participating shall contribute a percentage (see chart below) of their annual compensation and will receive a prescribed percentage for the completion of a particular number of terms. For example, a member of the Judiciary may receive 30% of compensation for the completion of one term (6 years) and as much as 90% for the completion of three terms (18 years). For the purposes of calculating benefits, "compensation" shall represent the highest rate of compensation received by that Judiciary member during his tenure.

 Contribution Percentage Chart

 2015  12%
 2016  13%
 2017  14%

Note:  The annuity rate of members of the Judiciary appointed after 1/21/2015, shall be set at 3.5% of compensation per year after one (1) term.