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GERS Board

The Board is composed of seven (7) members that represent the Government Employees' Retirement System of the Virgin Islands (GERS).

Members are appointed by the Governor with confirmation from the Legislature.  

All Board members serve on the Board until his or her successor is appointed and approved. 

Currently, three (3) members represent St. Croix, three (3) from St. Thomas and one (1) from St. John. 

Every two (2) years, a new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected by the Board at its January or February regular meeting.

The Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson can only serve two terms as elected officials. 

The Administrator of the GERS serves as the Secretary to the Board.

The Board's fiduciary responsibilities include making sound and prudent investment decisions to maximize GERS' returns, determining investment asset allocations, setting internal governance policies and much more.  

The Board does not have the authority to add, change, or delete benefits without the Legislature's approval.  However, the Board can make recommendations to Legislative Acts and Bills as it relates to GERS.  The Board is committed to ensuring GERS is well-managed and remains financially solvent for its members.