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Frequently Asked Questions about GERS

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Should I notify GERS when I change my address?

Yes. Although GERS sends multiple mailings during the year to its members that are on file, you should promptly notify GERS of all address changes to ensure that you receive all required notifications distributed by GERS in a timely fashion. Members can change their address by using a GERS Request for Address Change Form or by calling GERS directly.


Do employers notify GERS of address and name changes?

Although we ask that employers report any name and/or address changes for an active employee, GERS does not mandate that they do. Employers,  however, may alert GERS to name and/or address changes during its routine reporting of contributions to GERS. Ultimately, it is still the member's responsibility to notify GERS of any changes to his or her name or address.


I am living at a temporary address. How do I report this to GERS?

To report a temporary address change to GERS, you will need to complete a Request for Change of Address Form. However, at the time of reporting this change you must indicate to GERS that your address change is temporary and not permanent so that it could be properly noted on your file. 


How do I change my name?

Submit a Request for Name Change Form with the new information. The form can be found by clicking here at :Active Members


Do I have to be a member of the GERS?

Any person who becomes an employee of the Government of the Virgin Islands shall become a member as a condition of employment on the date of appointment.  Any person who renters Government service may elect not to be a member of the System if the person is 60 years of age or older and is not receiving a retirement annuity from the System.


Must my annuity checks be issued via direct deposit?

Yes. It is the policy of the GERS to issue checks in the most efficient manner.  We at GERS believes that direct deposit is the most reliable and efficient way to issue such checks. 


Who should I contact in reference to errors on my member's validation form?

If you are and active employee of the Government, you will need to contact your department's Human Resources representative to make any change. If you are retired you will need to contact GERS directly.


How can I receive a copy of GERS' latest Audited Financial Statements?

You may receive a copy of GERS' Audited Financial Statements by contacting the Administrator's Office or the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. You can also access this information by clicking here.


Who is the Board Chair?

The current Chairman of the Board is Nellon Bowry.