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GERS' Public Hearing Presentation - Rezoning of Estate Coakley Bay Property

(Wednesday, December 12, 2012)
This document is intended to create a sustainable conservation and building culture for the Virgin Islands Government Employees' Retirement System’s properties, Remainder of Matricular No. 1, Remainder of Matricular No. 15 & Matricular No. 16-B all of Estate Coakley Bay, East End Quarter, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

This proposal advocates the building of civil communities, the pursuit of economically and environmentally sustainable development practices, and the building of places that are useful, meaningful and benefi cial to the residents of St. Croix.

The goal of the GERS is to use this parcel in a way that allows St. Croix to grow economically while preserving the environmental and cultural assets that are the backbone of its identity. This guide is to harness future growth towards something sustainable, profi table, beautiful and useful, in keeping with building traditions and places in the Virgin Islands that we love.

This document builds on information gathered through surveys, cultural resource studies, input from the senate, and constant interaction between the design team and the GERS to determine the best use of this land. The proposals and assessments presented here are only guidelines in a much larger effort of cultivating a great place for residents of the Virgin Islands and visitors alike.

Click here for GERS' public hearing presentation.