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Annuitant Payroll Deductions

GERS provides the convenience of payroll deduction from your annuity check.  Payroll deduction allows you to have a portion of your semi-monthly annuity distributed to pay loans, insurance, credit union  and much more.

The following deductions may be made from an annuity check : 

  1. GERS Loans (personal, automobile, mortgage, land) 
  2. St. Thomas Federal Credit Union
  3. Christiansted Credit Union
  4. Mid-Island Credit Union
  5. Frederiksted Credit Union
  6. Virgin Islands Department of Justice/Paternity & Child Support
  7. Health and Life Insurance
  8. V.I. Water and Power Authority Health Insurance
  9. VI Housing Authority Health Insurance
  10. MASA 
  11. Commoloco 
  12. First Express 
  13. Federal Income Taxes 

Please note that the following deductions are not automatic after retirement.   To continue with the deductions listed above, a retiree is required to complete a new application at the respective offices.  A Tax form (W4-P) may be completed at GERS.